Service Dogs

M.A.S.T. service dogs are trained to assist patients with physical disabilities. Our service dogs are rescued, trained, boarded and receive healthcare at no cost to the veteran* or select individual. 

On average, one service dog costs between $15,000-$45,000, depending on the training the dog requires. All M.A.S.T. service dogs are rescued from kill shelters so that both the dog and patient can have a new “leash” on life. Your donation helps service dogs serve as angels to the people they assist.

To acquire a service dog, please follow the 5-step process outlined below. Once approved and conditions reviewed, M.A.S.T. will choose, train, and board the service dog, so it is an exact fit to the patient’s needs.

The patient will be required to participate in training sessions. Once the service dog and patient meet training requirements, the dog will live with the patient but continue check-ins and training.

After about 18 months of check-ins, and approval by M.A.S.T., the service dog will be legally presented to the patient for full-time ownership.

The service dog and the training process are free of charge to the patient.

To start this process:
1) Download the Service Dog Application, Rules Sheet, and the Release of Medical Records forms.
2) Complete all forms.
3) Upload completed Service Dog Application and Rules Sheet in the upload areas below.
4) Mail the Request for Medical Records to the address below.
5) Pay the $30 application fee in SHOP.

A representative from M.A.S.T. will contact you once all information is received.

*The service dog is first owned by M.A.S.T. until the dog transitions ownership, at that time all future costs/fees become the new owner’s responsibility. M.A.S.T covers the rescue, training and boarding/healthcare while the dog is in M.A.S.T.’s care.

MEDICAL RELEASE FORMS need to be sent by mail to:
MAST Service Dog Program
1715 Cherry Court
Lake Villa, IL 60046
Phone: 847-772-5000

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