We have a special blog post for you today! Happy Valentine’s day a little early from M.A.S.T.! We got to interview one of our most cuddly, snuggable (that should be a word) and adorable volunteer therapy dogs! He’s our February 2018 MASTDog of the month. Let’s get to know him!


What’s your name?
Olaf, after the snowman from the movie Frozen. My mom said when I saw her I climbed in her lap and looked like I was giving her a big ol’ hug.


What breed are you?
I am a Maltese poodle mix!


What is your favorite spot to be pet?
Belly. Definitely the belly. I could just lay there all day.


How old are you?
I will be 21 on March 1st. I thought you wanted dog years (ha-ha)… I’m sorry, I’ll be 3.


How long have you been a therapy dog?
It will be one full year in April. And man it’s been a blast. Lots of cuddles to give.


What made you want to become a therapy dog?
My mommy said that when her mom would come home, I just wanted to cuddle and get lots of loves. But it would help her as well.


How long did it take you to become certified?
So, my training was 6 weeks. And the test was soo long and scary for me, but mom said it was only an hour.


What is your favorite part about being a therapy dog?
All the cuddles and pets are the best but making people happy is pretty great too.


What is the biggest surprise you’ve had while being a therapy dog?
How many people have started to follow me on my Facebook page! (Try to find me! – Just search under “Olaf”)


What is your favorite toy?
Whatever my brother Lucky is playing with. He’s sooo much fun to chase and try to steal a ball from… even if the ball is as big as my head.


What is your favorite treat?
I love carrots and broccoli. But mom said I can clear a room when I eat that!


Do you have any favorite music?
I like to bop my head to some R&B, but mom likes Pop so I listen to that too.


What does a therapy dog do, in your own words?
We make people happy and listen to everything they need to talk about without sharing their secrets. I love secrets by the way!


What type of dog makes a good candidate for therapy dog work?
Any type as long as they are friendly and want to be around people, and my friends.


What kind of training should a therapy dog get?
My mom said it’s a 10-week class at TOPs Training Center in Grayslake, IL. They do such an amazing job getting us prepared to do this line of love.


How much time do you spend being a therapy dog each month?
I pretty much visit weekly, and I wish I could do a lot more, but mom goes to school and grandmom works.


What is one suggestion you would to make to someone considering becoming a therapy dog team?
Volunteer! It’s very rewarding and lots of fun. Come on out and join us. We can always use good dogs and people to walk around with us.


What can a therapy dog teach us about being good citizens?
Always look out for one another and just love. Going out for a good run can clear your head. And if running’s not your thing, I’m always up for a cuddle!!


What do you do in your time off?
Play with my brother Lucky and sister Precious. Then I try to beg mom to give me some veggies from her plate. Then a good nap with my grandmom.


Thanks Olaf! And if you are interested in volunteering with MAST, please check out this page for more info!