Help both veterans AND shelter dogs!
Help both veterans, select patients AND shelter dogs! 
Your generous donation helps patients and dogs who are looking for their forever homes –  giving both a new “leash” on life!

Please support our mission to provide service dogs free of charge to qualifying veterans* and other patients through our service dog program.  The costs to procure, board and train service dogs can exceed $45,000. M.A.S.T works with local shelters, trainers and others to provide highly-trained service dogs to people in need. Plus, not only are the dogs rescued, but because of your donation, they get a loving purpose–saving the life of a veteran! People who have physical disabilities like visual and hearing impairments and mobility impairments, benefit greatly from having a service dog. Please join us and make a difference! Thank you for considering donating to our program.    

*The service dog is first owned by M.A.S.T. until the dog transitions ownership, at that time all future costs/fees become the new owner’s responsibility. M.A.S.T covers the rescue, training and boarding/healthcare while the dog is in M.A.S.T.’s care.

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Your donation helps save two lives though our program. Dogs are rescued from shelters and then boarded, trained, and receive healthcare, too — until the dog makes its final transition to the ownership of the veteran or patient it will be servicing. Most of every dollar donated goes right into our programs, serving veterans and other patients across the state of Illinois. M.A.S.T.’s staff is made up entirely of volunteers. We put all we can into our programs so that we can extend the life of our mission and change people and dog’s lives for the better.  

Plus, we want to bring our volunteer therapy dog program to more and more healthcare and human services facilities. Places like hospitals, assisted living spaces, domestic violence shelters, etc. benefit greatly from the interaction provided by M.A.S.T. and our volunteer dog handling teams. We can enrich the lives and well-being of the people we visit. We bring smiles, interaction and fun to the places we go. We visit with patients, some who never get visitors, and some who could use support and comfort in their time of need. The best thing you can do is help!

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