Therapy dogs:
1) Help people cope with stress
2) They can start training as a puppy (1 year)
3) Have a calm disposition
4) Are happy
5) Have a love of people
6) Love other dogs
7) Lower blood pressure
8) Decrease anxiety
9) Soothe students’ nerves at schools
10) Keep tense families company after natural disasters
11) Keep rescue workers/staff calm, too
12) Support survivors and witnesses after violent events
13) Work in funeral homes to help people mourning cope with grief
14) Aid in the social interaction of children with autism
15) Help in the social interaction of people with dementia/Alzheimer’s
16) Attend welcome home ceremonies for veterans
17) Bring happiness to others
18) Work on a volunteer basis
19) Benefit people the world over
20) Benefit people of all ages