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Make a difference by supporting K-9 assisted service and therapy
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Make a difference by supporting K-9 assisted service and therapy
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Make a difference by supporting K-9 assisted service and therapy
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Make a difference by supporting K-9 assisted service and therapy
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Welcome to the
Masonic Association of Service and Therapy Dogs


*New event announcements will be posted here: Attn Certified MAST handlers! Needed- dog teams for Palatine area event. You will be working/visiting with children with special needs, for example Autism, etc. Timing is Thursdays from 11am to 1pm. 2 facilities, spending one hour at each. This has potential to become weekly. Call our Program Director directly for details. Begins 10/15/2020.

*See our weekly calendar of Events at the bottom of this page.

Did you know dog and human interaction is a bolster for health and happiness? There are people in hospitals, shelters, nursing homes and other facilities, who don’t get frequent visitors, are lonely, depressed and in pain. We can do something about that.

M.A.S.T. brings positive support through therapeutic K-9 interactions to those suffering by reducing anxiety and calming stressful situations, with the wag of a tail. With your support, M.A.S.T.’s therapy, service and response dog programs can continue to bring happiness, freedom and motivation to those suffering. Our therapy dogs visit places like hospitals, veteran organizations, domestic violence shelters and crisis sites almost every day. Our service dogs are groomed to help patients with life-limiting physical disabilities.

All our service dogs are rescued from kill shelters and are given specialized training which improves both K-9 and human life. All our therapy dogs are trained volunteers. The great thing is, YOU can help! Donate and volunteer now to support our efforts to bring comfort and security back to folks who may be experiencing hardship the most.

If your organization is looking for therapy dog support, click “Schedule Presentation” and we will be in contact with you.

Our Mission

The mission of Masonic Association of Service and Therapy Dogs (M.A.S.T.) is to provide charitable and supportive services to enrich and better the lives of those who have valiantly served in the U.S. Armed Forces and other individuals under special circumstances. M.A.S.T. procures and trains shelter dogs as service dogs, with the cooperation of Tops Training Center, Grayslake, IL., and provides them free of charge* to veterans and select individuals with physical disabilities.

M.A.S.T also recruits and trains volunteers to provide therapy dog services to comfort those in hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, schools, hospice centers, police departments, court systems, and disaster areas.

What We Do

We select, coordinate training, and facilitate certification for dogs and their handlers to become therapy dog teams. We also procure, train, and manage certification of service dogs who are then given to patients free of charge. Therapy dogs are trained to interact with anyone and to visit a variety of locations to help bring a smile to those who need it. M.A.S.T.’s therapy dogs are screened for demeanor, disposition, friendliness, and obedience before visits. Dogs wearing therapy vests are certified and insured.

Service dogs are specially trained to help a designated person with a physical disability such as visual or hearing impairments, seizures, mobility impairments, and diabetes. Our highly trained service dogs are given free of charge* (with prescription) to patients. M.A.S.T. is proud of the fact that we are staffed only by volunteers and most of every dollar donated goes directly into our programs: to the procurement, training, and presentation of service dogs to their new owners, and to our therapy dog program.


M.A.S.T. therapy dogs are trained at TOPS Training Center in Grayslake, IL and are certified through the M.A.S.T Therapy Dog Certification Program or TDI.


M.A.S.T. service dogs are trained to assist patients with physical disabilities. Our service dogs are rescued, trained, boarded and receive healthcare at no cost to the patient while under M.A.S.T.’s ownership.


M.A.S.T.’s compassionate response dogs are trained to assist people of all ages going through the law enforcement and court systems or experiencing crisis.

Get Involved

We have 12 positions in each training class that are available on a first come, first served basis. Join us!

Our Story

M.A.S.T. was established in 2017 by a group of volunteer public servants. After seeing patients light up with joy when dogs visited with veterans and others, the group heard their calling. They were determined to bring this happiness and well-being to as many people as they could. Seeing this service as a group venture, with all volunteer staff members, M.A.S.T. dedicates their time to improving other people’s lives through motivational K-9 interactions. Volunteers witness the heartwarming delight and excitement on the faces of patients. M.A.S.T is grateful to share this experience with our partners and our communities, through donations from generous contributors like you.

The M.A.S.T. organization cannot thrive without our donors and our growing staff of volunteers. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to help support this important cause. Do you know someone who loves dogs, loves people, and is ready to help improve lives? Please share our site, donate and volunteer today!

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